1. I wouldn’t be too sure about that Bob. I’ve seen talk of this being a problem on car forums since 2006 or so, for cars as old as 2003s. Just because your car isn’t part of the recall, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an issue. It means the parts they think are to fault are not part of your car. Given that they’ve changed their mind at least 3 times now on what the cause was (floor mats, power harneses, and now gas pedals), I wouldn’t rule out any Prius as having a problem.

    If I owned one, I’d be putting a kill switch in pronto (that disconnects the battery and the alternator at a button push). They’re not expensive to put in, and are common for people that tow their cars (like behind a mobile home). Mosts RV shops can do it, or tell you of a local place that can do it. Worth the peace of mind, IMHO.

    • Thanks, Woody! I’ll cheerfully nag Bob until he has a kill switch installed!

      • A friend on Facebook just said, why not just turn the ignition key off. Might work, but it would make steering sluggish and at 90 mph, that could get tricky

      • Update: Just realized, you can’t turn the ignition off unless it’s in Park. Putting it into Neutral could work if going uphill or on flat land, might get weird on a steep downgrade. Hmmm.

  2. Let’s get a kill switch, Bob.

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