Sometimes the comments are better than the blog post

Comments on vagazzling blog post on Gawker

“Looks like vampire herpes.”

“This is one trend I Sworeoffski years ago. ”


“I think sex with a vajazzled woman would be grate! ”

“That’s $50 in addition to the wax? Pfft. I could do it myself with some super glue and rhinestones. Maybe even throw in a few googly eyes too, so the guy has zero doubts about my sanity.”

“I’m addicted to Crystal Muff… ”

“SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! I just looked at the picture! Why not mount a fucking belt sander down there.”

“For the woman that prefers not to wax: cornrows with Swarovski beads.”

Comment: Yet another thing I’m blaming on Twilight. Reply: I’m blaming it on Michael’s craft store.

Comment: Crotch bling? Vajenius! Reply: I believe they call this “clitter glitter.”

” ‘Vajazzling’ is too way ethnic. I think you should call the finished product a cuntelier. That adds class and buyers like classy shit.”

“I mean, if it looks dumb on a denim jacket…”

(If you have no idea what this is about, Blue Gal will fill you in…)

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