I can’t believe they used to think Obama was a socialist

From our pal Wood, on Twitter

Obama calls for compromise on health care

Right. Because he needs to compromise more and hasn’t done it enough yet.

Obama’s middle-class meltdown

The rapid decline in public support for Democrats and President Obama represents one of the most breathtaking political collapses in modern times.

Well, he’s made the banksters quite happy, hasn’t he? Anything they want, they get. So, is Obama just a pushover or was he installed to make sure the banksters could continue plundering? I keep coming back to that investment banker CEO meeting where three CEOs said darn it, they just couldn’t make it because it was too foggy for their private jets to take off. So, they phoned in and Obama meekly thanked them for doing so. Was this the junior executive deferring to the real power?

Showing that kind of weakness in DC when you are president signals that no one much needs to bother with what you say or do. I can’t think of any recent president who would have taken a direct insult like that. Even Jimmy Carter would have reamed them. LBJ would have had them screaming for mercy, or more to the point, they wouldn’t have even dared try it in the first place. But Obama seemingly lets them walk all over him. Or maybe he’s just part of the club and his rewards come later.

But it’s not working out well is it? His support is collapsing across the board.

How to stay awake during Obama speeches: Play Bullshit Bingo

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