Screw health care for those irresponsible poor people, says Obama

From SocialismOrBarbarism on the Left Business Observer listserv

Obama at his “health care forum”–live, right now

“Those people who go to emergency rooms aren’t getting ‘free care.’ They are being paid for by people with insurance. Their ‘free care’ makes other people’s care go up, uh, $1000. So we are paying for those [poor, sick people] who aren’t picking up their responsibilities.”

(I’m transcribing from memory–this was a few minutes ago)

He’s increasingly becoming indistinguishable from Dubya, isn’t he?

So is Obama 1) a spineless dupe (like when he didn’t even get pissed when the investment bank CEOs couldn’t make that big meeting because it was “foggy”) or 2) a total con man who was installed to insure a wealthy monied few get shovelfuls of money from Washington, and screw everyone else.

Really folks, it’s increasingly apparent that DC and virtually all its denizens are corrupt, compromised, and uncaring about the rest of the country. I mean, does anyone except a few deluded liberals think the health care plan, if it passes, will accomplish anything worthwhile? Except sweetheart deals for drug companies and free passes for insurance companies, that is.

There’s really just one response to all of this, isn’t there?

Here’s David Peel in 2010 with Sea Monster doing his 60’s agitprop “Up Against the Wall Motherfucker.”

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