Snowicane to hit Northeast

Winds in some areas could approach hurricane strength. Yikes.

That ‘mix” band in New England of rain and snow almost certainly means roads, power lines, and trees will ice up, creating seriously nasty conditions.

This storm is a nor’easter. Confusingly, a nor’easter does not come from the stormy northeast Atlantic but rather straight up the coast. It is so named because when it hits coastal New England the northeast quadrant is the deadliest because wind and waves are moving in the same direction.


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  2. My parents, who tried to drive from NH to SC yesterday, are stranded in Danbury, CT, just north of NYC. They report that some roads are moving, but no one knows which ones and how far. Forty miles of I-84 are closed, making it virtually impossible to avoid the city. They and other travelers have decided to hole up in a motel until it clears.

    Meanwhile, in NH, 75 mph winds knocked out power to much of the state. Trees are down all over. My mom tells me they shut off the water before they left, but didn’t drain the pipes. At least if the pipes burst while they’re gone because the furnace can’t run without electricity, it’ll be a small mess rather than a big one.

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