Greenspan: This is worst financial crisis ever, including 1930’s

Yes, the man who helped cause it all by creating and presiding over two bubbles and subsequent collapses now says – wait for this – the rich are now getting richer while everyone else gets screwed. Perhaps the old buzzard is feeling a twinge of conscience or realizes his historical name is mud unless he does something to atone, and quickly. But realize this, he is indeed saying things for most people are worse than during the Great Depression.

FDIC: Many more bank failures coming

As previously reported, Citibank reserves right to put 7 day hold on withdrawals and a recent SEC proclamation does the same for money market accounts.

Connect the dots, folks. Our federal government, Citigroup, Greenspan, and others are telegraphing they see big trouble coming. We aren’t nearly out of this.

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  1. How bad is it? Really bad, when many accountants can’t find work during busy season. Or so I hear from the beancounter vine.

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