Climate change skeptics and proponents can work towards common goals

From my current article on CAIVN

Climate change proponents want renewable energy and lots of it. Climate change opponents often want freedom from having to import oil and being dependent on other countries for fuel and energy. Those goals are not incompatible. In fact, they are quite similar. In both cases, renewable energy and clean tech are great ways to accomplish them.

CAIVN (The California Independent Voter Network) has expanded fast lately, with lots of articles, mainly related to California politics, with national coverage too. It has writers from all over the political spectrum but no hardline politics. Check it out.

CAIVP is a non-profit C4 organization dedicated to the independent-minded voter regardless of their political party affiliation or preference. CAIVP was founded in 2006 as an effort to engage non-partisan voters in California’s policymaking process.

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