Smart grids

The U.S. electricity grid today resembles the roads and highways of the mid-twentieth century before the interstate highway system was built. What is needed today is the electricity equivalent of the interstate highway system.

The inability to move low-cost electricity to consumers because of congestion on transmission lines brings with it costs similar to those associated with traffic congestion.

That’s why we need smart grids.


  1. Question. In regards to something you stated in another post that half of the electricity we use gets lost in transit would these smart grids change much of that loss? Or would that still be a part of the overall formula?

    • Not sure about that. One major things smart grids do is monitor household usage and with permission of owners could say, turn off the dishwasher, washer, dryer, in a major heatwave during the day so not as much energy needs to be produced. It would also have to be a unified nationwide grid.

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