Bloom Box

Massive spectacular hype surrounds the upcoming official announcement of the Bloom Box on Wednesday. This is what we know. It creates electricity via fuel cells, can easily fit in a backyard or basement, and will take biofuel, methane, or natural gas as a fuel source. It’s a real product, not vaporware. Google, Fedex, eBay, WalMart and other large companies already have them installed.

The current price is extremely high, but Bloom hopes to drop that something affordable. They also have serious venture capital money behind them with over $400 million invested so far.

Bloom’s true potential is in super-charging the distributed power system. Bloom (very optimistically) wants to shrink its box (in size and cost) so that every American can have one in their basement for around $3000. The box would power the entire house, basically making a connection to the grid a convenience, not a necessity. This may not seem important until we realize that up to half of the power produced at a power plant is lost in transit.

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