Fallout from Dubai

With each passing day more information becomes available in relation to the operation and how it was carried out. This includes the near certainty that it involved the cooperation of a high level Palestinian informant or informants in passing on the intelligence required for its success. The question which must be asked though is the one asked by the estimable Robert Fisk of the Independent as to the possibility of the collusion of other intelligence services, including the British, in the carrying out of this assassination. For what we know of our own intelligence community as a result of the dirty war it waged against the IRA at the height of the Troubles, it isn’t made up of the kind of people for whom a passport and the sovereignty it represents would ever get in the way of a covert operation if deemed in the national interest, as determined by unelected and unaccountable intelligence operatives. We already know that British intelligence officers have been complicit in torture. We also know of British collusion with so-called rendition flights, involving the covert transportation of terrorist suspects by the CIA to secret locations around the world for interrogation and torture. Is it really then beyond the realms of possibility that British intelligence may have close ties with Mossad which cross the boundaries of not only international but also British law?

To ask the question is to answer it.

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