Priestly pedophiles and torturers. Read the report like a forensic

All the Pope's men: penitent, or self-preserving?

The BBC reports on the Vatican meeting concerning the Irish pedophile priests and the torture chambers disguised as industrial and reformatory schools, orphanages, and the Magdalene Laundries. I’m a CPA and a Certified Fraud Examiner (AKA a forensic.) This is how I approach such reports.

Pope Benedict spent two days … with 24 Irish bishops who both individually and collectively confessed to him their shortcomings and omissions in the paedophile clergy scandal which has shocked the entire Catholic world. …

Okay, that’s good…

Cardinal Sean Brady, the Catholic primate of all Ireland, who led the delegation of bishops, said afterwards that “at this time of penance, we must begin with ourselves”. …

Right. What you’d expect a bishop to say…

The proceedings were – like most Vatican business – conducted in total secrecy, but we know from the official Vatican communique issued at the end of this extraordinary crisis meeting that the Pope strongly condemned the child abuse scandal which has been the subject of an official Irish government inquiry, the Murphy report.

Vatican key element of coverup and shifting pedophiles from one place to another, but conceivable that Benedict wasn’t part of that, I’m willing to believe well of the new administration.

… Seated at two long tables, the red-clad bishops were invited by the Pope to describe individually – in interventions limited to a maximum of seven minutes each – how they had dealt with cases of priestly paedophilia in their own dioceses, and to explain why so many cases had been systematically covered up during a period of decades.

…um….what? 7 x 24 = 168 minutes. 168 min / 60 min per hour = 2.8 hours. Out of 24 hours. What else did they talk about, then?

… At stake is not only the credibility of the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland, but also a lot of Church money.

Compensation to victims of clerical sexual abuse paid out so far has been provided largely by Irish taxpayers. [emphasis added]

The Vatican fears that just as in similar scandals of priestly paedophilia in other parts of the world, including the United States, claims by paedophilia victims in Ireland could eventually bankrupt several religious orders as well as individual dioceses.

I conclude it’s likely they talked about money. For a long time.

BTW, those 7-minute sessions were private confessions.

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  1. Bigger question: Why were those priests and bishops there to talk to the pope, vs being behind bars in an Irish prison right now?

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