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  1. Well sure… Never mind the verbiage about putting homosexuals to death, because who would care about that? Let’s derive this huge chain of thought (albeit legitimate) to show how “normal folks” can be caught up in this nasty law. So if they just remove the provision about needing to report gays, then we’re all good with it?

    Any law that says we can kill of group X simply for being group X is wrong. Especially when that group is a minority that isn’t doing anything violent or wrong.

    “Down with tuna captures!
    They’re depleting our oceans of Tuna!
    And capturing innocent dolphins in the process!
    Save the doplins!”
    (Oh, you’ve fixed the nets to not catch dolphins any more?)
    “Yeah! We saved the dolphins!”
    (Whats for lunch? Tuna? Cool…)

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