Las Vegas plans innovative way to raise money

Las Vegas Sun image

Sell booze in the baggage claim area at McCarren Airport

“Oh, I know it will be a gold mine for some liquor store, but does this mean we’ll do anything for money?” said Commissioner Steve Sisolak, who promises to ask many questions about the proposal during today’s County Commission meeting. “What’s next? Airport strip clubs? Topless bars? Is that appropriate for county property? I mean, that’s ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, too.”

Steve, Steve, Steve. We’re talking Vegas here. Of course it will do anything for the money. Not that this makes it so different from other cities, except that Vegas has always been a bit more unapologetic and robust about it.

So, let’s replace those boring middle-aged luggage porters with nearly naked young women( and men, no need to be sexist about this.) Travelers can tuck tips into their g-strings. How about having betting on which luggage comes out the chute first? I bet a blue suitcase comes out before a red one, that kind of thing. Have a MD issue medical marijuana prescriptions to all entering the baggage claim area then sell them high-priced weed to toke on while waiting for their luggage. Really, the possibilities are endless.

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