Clipper and Foxpro migration. What I’m doing now

Clipper was a DOS-based database and programming language popular in the 1990’s. xHarbour is an open source program that takes native Clipper code and turns it into a Windows application. I specialize in converting these ancient Clipper apps to Windows.

You may scratch your head and laugh. But I get a steady stream of inquiries from businesses of all sizes, from mom and pop stores to multi-nationals, who have mission-critical Clipper apps that have been running fine since 1992 except it throws fits if you try to run it under Vista or Windows 7. And forget about 64-bit systems. It won’t run at all. Printing to network printers can be a real adventure too. Plus, being a DOS app, it assumes it has all the computer to itself and hogs resources at a hideous rate.

xHarbour makes all that go away. Using the existing code, the Clipper app becomes a Windows app. I also decompile Clipper apps, restoring source code from the EXE and convert old FoxPro programs to a modern FoxPro platform.

Full info on my business website.

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