NYT. Goldman pushed AIG to edge, profited mightily from it

NYT has a long, detailed timeline of what happened and when. Required reading.

Clusterstock is even blunter. Goldman Sachs Killed AIG, but then bizarrely says it was all AIG’s fault.

So it was just a coincidence those at the NY Fed and in the US government who gave Goldman such a sweetheart deal just happened to be Goldman alumni who forced AIG to pay off in full even when Goldman previously had said they’d settle for less. Imagine that.

Sue, a CPA and Certified Fraud Examiner, wants to know, what trading positions did they have at the time and did they personally profit from what happened?

Stephen Friedman certainly did. As chair of the NY Fed at the time and a Goldman director, he owned Goldman stock then bought more. He was forced to resign. And should have been indicted for insider trading or any number of felonies, IMHO.

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