WTF: “Kids’ lingerie” photos featuring Miley Cyrus’ 9-year-old sister on a stripper pole

With this Boing Boing post, this story went nuclear.

Annie Dugourd, co-founder of Ooh, La La! Couture called me to say any plans to make a line of lingerie “is an absolute lie.” She says they are making a line of clothing for Emily Grace, but “we only make tutu dresses…there’s no lingerie.” She blames the story on a blog by Perez Hilton and says, “It’s been devastating for our little company. We’re two stay-at-home moms who make tutu dresses. We would never do anything inappropriate.”

Well, the tutu dresses are certainly accessorized in interesting ways by the two young girls, but Dugourd says that is not the doing of her company. “We make tank tops attached to tutus.”

I don’t buy it, completely. Ooh, La La! Couture [site currently “offline for site maintenance”) may only “make tank tops attached to tutus” … but who was responsible for the photo shoot? The stripper pole? The goth/dominatrix boots? The micro-mini that *looks* like lingerie because of its color, slinky material, and ultra shortness (skirt ends just below the pelvis.)

Truth must be sorted out from fiction.

What does Oh La La! Couture actually make, and what is parental laxity?

The micro mini with weeds & dominatrix boots is actually a “vampire-inspired costume at the ‘Children Affected by Aids Foundation’s 16th Annual Dream Halloween in the Barker Hangar’ ”

Pettiskirts are a recent pop fashion statement. Other fashion designers for girls are producing similar clothing:

For example, see this hot pink satin and black see-through fabric by Belle Ame

Or this outfit by Kaiya Eve Couture — with a model in an unfortunate “I am an underage streetwalker” pose, complete with … what does that shirt say? “My bad licks”?

The designers must be approving these photos for publication, yes?

You can put a girl in anything and pose her provocatively. However, this is a “perfect storm” of design, materials, and poor choices in photography.


  1. I must say that whoever took the picture should be ashamed. I really doubt that Ooh, La La Couture would really want their products viewed that way. What a shame….

  2. The shirt probably says “my dad rocks” those are popular along with “my mom rocks” shirts. The examples you use under the links are not provocative but cute. Children don’t think they are being sexy or provocative the think they are dressing up. Yeah some of the things these girls are wearing should not be worn out side of the home but the regular tutu dresses are very cute and girlie. I would have been over joyed as a child to receive one. when did it become wrong for kids to dress up and act sassy for there pictures??? not while i was growing up.

    ps. Perez Hilton is filth and a pervert.

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