Judge Orders Breitbart Brat Home to Mommy and Daddy

Co-conspirators Stan Dai and 25 year old WingNerds Gone Wild video producer James O’Keefe seen leaving the courthouse in a photo that O’Keefe did not have a chance to tamper with before I could:

After getting caught messing with the phone lines in Senator Landrieu’s Louisiana office, even videoing his and his co-conspirators with their pants caught around their felonious ankles himself, Magistrate Judge Louis Moore released James O’Keefe on bail to his parents’ custody in New Jersey until his next hearing on February 13.

No word on whether or not the right WingNerd internet sensationalist and Rovian troll clone will dwell in his parents’ basement…

Firedoglake snagged some video of David Shuster trying to get Breitbart to answer some questions:

Aside from all the yelling, what I find notable about this is the way Breitbart succeeds in preventing Shuster from explaining what O’Keefe has been charged with: entering US property “for the purpose of willfully and maliciously interfering with a telephone system operated by the United States of America.”

And the TeaBuggers don’t deny that claim–they now say they wanted to cut off Landrieu’s phone system to see how she’d react.


Now, given that O’Keefe’s prior film on ACORN was about framing people and editing video of that frame for political maliciousness, it’s probably safe to assume that if O’Keefe’s current story is true, he had the same intent to falsely frame Landrieu and then edit his film to exacerbate her reaction.

Maybe that’s why Breitbart is so desperate to prevent Shuster from explaining that to his viewers.


And in other right wing media hilarity: Anyone wonder what FOX News’ Major Garret was thinking about during the SOTU?

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