James O’Keefe and pals planned to disable Sen. Landrieu’s phones

"I want to disable the phones." "No, let me do it."

In a hare-brained scheme, they wanted to disable the phones to see how her staff would react, says a law enforcement official. Those opposed to Landrieu’s support for the health care bill had previously been complaining they couldn’t get through on her phone lines to express their views.

This does explain why O’Keefe was video’ing it. But WTF? Did they not think that showing such video might make people wonder just how the phones were disabled, and who did it. Especially since a federal building like that no doubt has surveillance cameras everywhere.

They are charged with “entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony.” I’m guessing that attempting to disable a senator’s phone lines is a felony.

For those who may not know, crimes committed on federal property often have penalties much worse than in state courts.. Plus, O’Keefe being a public figure may actually hurt him, as judges might want to show they won’t be coddling criminals, no matter who they are.

Also, there’s been the usual spate of chortling about won’t they have fun being gang-raped in prisons. Well, call me a grump, but raping prisoners isn’t funny when Iran does it to dissidents and it’s not amusing here either.

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