James O’Keefe story getting seriously weird

One of them was arrested in a car a few blocks away with a listening device capable of picking up transmissions, said a federal law enforcement official.

Regardless of their apparent ineptitude, this seems less an ACORN-like gambit and more like a serious attempt at espionage, and on a US senator no less. I want to know who hired them and why. Because I seriously doubt this was just four doofuses acting on their own.


  1. Now Bob, they’re white middle-class [strike]punks on dope[endstrike] boys and you know know, white boys will be white boys. No reason to get the dander up, I’m sure we can work this all out. Afterall, it’s no worse than outing a CIA agent.

    I want to see these boys with their heads in the bucket and Bubba opening up the backdoor.

  2. Best RT I read about the issue:
    RT @deceiver The funniest thing about this O’Keefe arrest is the whole “I’m here to check the phones” operation sounds like the set-up for a porn movie.

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