Chavez forgives Haiti’s oil debt to Venezuela

Venezuela is also donating $100 million “for starters” to aid in recovery.

May many more countries follow Venezuela in their humanitarian and generous effort to help Haiti.


  1. Actions. That’s way better than saying that Haiti made a pact with the devil. Or blaming the United States for causing the earthquake with a super secret weapon in order to create havoc so that Bill Clinton and George W Bush can personally enrich themselves (as Chavez himself said). Better to act than to MSU. Kudos to Venezuela for their help.

    • I still am waiting for anyone to come up with a legitimate explanation of why the U.S. “left” believes Chavez ever said anything about a “super-secret weapon”. As best anyone can tell, the story originated with a Russian newspaper (of the World Weekly News variety) and — given the extremely reactionary, provincial nature of U.S. political reporting (even from the so-called “progressives”) you guys are running with it. Not even the extreme right-wing end of the Latin American press has bought this, and I wouldn’t expect them to.

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