Pet preparedness

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There are many good resources for preparedness. How much food should you store? What should you keep on hand for emergencies?  What to do in case of nuclear attack? (Seriously, that information is out there!)

But few of us think of preparedness for our pets.  How much food do we keep on hand for them?  Do we have basic veterinary first aid supplies?  Do we know what we’ll do with them if we have to evacuate to a shelter?

A reader emailed me about the Great Pyrenees Club of America, which has begun a committee to help people address issues of disaster preparedness for pets.

“Our mission is to provide helpful information enabling pet owners to prepare the family and family dog for the unforeseen disaster; to assist Great Pyrenees owners, should disaster strike, by providing necessary supplies, information and assistance.”

Education in this area is much needed.  We may have a year’s worth of wheat in storage, but we don’t have a year’s worth of dog kibble!