California okays tax credits for solar hot water

With the various tax credits now available, payback for installing solar hot water is now just three years. If widely adopted, this will save huge amounts of energy, cutting down on greenhouse emission as well as costs.


  1. The original bill inexplicably restricted tax credits to customers heating water with natural gas. CPUC has added an electric-displacement credit, a little stingier, but not bad.

    Good for them. (And me…)

  2. Solar hot water is far and away more cost efficient than solar electricity. But explore building your own– we got quoted $11K for a professionally-installed household solar hot water system, but found we could build one ourselves for less than $2K. Payback would be less than two years.

    A simple, home-made solar preheater can be installed for under a hundred dollars.

    At those prices, there’s no excuse for NOT going solar– tax credit or not!

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