2 thoughts on “A tale of two pets modeling a coat

  1. Most chihuahuas like coats in cold climates. I have three, and all but one knows how to take off and put on their own sweaters. I leave them on a chihuahua height shelf, and if they get cold, they either snuggle in their bed, or go get their sweater and put it on. Two of them will bring their sweater to me and whine for me to put it on them if I’m home, while the third prefers to put his on by himself.

    Now if I could just teach them to put the sweater back on the shelf when they take it off…

  2. Hi Woody, my sister Leslie says (paraphrased), ‘That’s amazing! Does Woody have videotape of his chihuahuas putting on their sweaters? Because I gotta see that.’

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