Populism is so last century, says John Robb

Dated nostalgia for populist movements and progressive government reform — that legacy thinking is utterly useless, as a strategy for success, given the rise of a dominant and sovereign global system that doesn’t have any governing body to appeal to.

In other words, as the state continues to wither away, becoming increasingly useless for protection and help, what’s the point in working towards a stronger, better government? Better to form resilient tribes, he says.

This applies doubly for any type of socialism planning, as a strong state is inherent to its success.

But a commenter suggests that perhaps populism and other politics could simply morph into tribes.

Political ideologies and orientations towards the nation-state are ready-made group identities for tribes to be based around. Grassroots political movements might just stop trying to fight the Looter State and start just running their own society parallel to it.

If the world were to become one of globalism and post-oil hyperlocalism mixing together in a pot, a neo-tribal world basically, then why would you not expect to see various “red” and “blue” tribes in America when that is such a powerful tribal mythology to capitalize on?

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