How much food?

“If we are to be saved in an ark, as Noah and his family were, it will be because we build it.” —Brigham Young

How much food should you have to be prepared for an emergency? The Mormon Church tells its members to store a year’s worth. You might think this excessive, but food in storage is like money in the bank– maybe better. It will sustain you not only in case of natural disasters or structuiral failures, but in times of financial emergency like job losses or illness. Considering the uncertainty we face in our future, stockpiling food may not be so crazy.

How much food does it take too feed your household for a year? Check out this handy food calculator. Also check out this page for another method of calculating. For two adults, they recommend 300 pounds of wheat, 100 pounds of rice, 80 pounds of sugar, 120 pounds of legumes, 120 pounds of dry milk (ick!), and lots more.

If, like my wife and I, you’re wondering where to put it all, see “Where Do I Put It All?“.  Yep. they’ve thought of about everything.