Health care reform. Blow it up, start all over again

Progressives appear to be worried the health care reform bill might pass, with Republicans getting some credit for it. Oh, shriek, we can’t have that. That this debate is even happening shows how poisoned the waters are on the current tepid bill.

New Dem worry: GOP taking credit for health care reform

Health care reform advocates are concerned that passing a scaled-back version of reform legislation — an option being considered by President Obama and Democratic Party leaders — could end up playing into the hands of Republican electoral politics.

Because of course, it has to be all about politics, so let’s force passage of this dog of a bill, hope we can fix it later, but make sure Republicans voting for it don’t get credit. Do I have that right?


The current bill taxes ‘Cadillac’ health care plans except for those in big unions, who are exempt for several years. Gosh, that’s certainly seems fair to me. Further, I believe it mandates the uninsured must buy insurance and fines them if they don’t. This is retrogressive and targets those least able to pay. Massachusetts already has a plan like that which fines those deemed able to buy insurance but didn’t. Fines are up to $1,000 a year and those fined are mostly “young, single, male, and poor.” If you’re making $8 an hour, $1,000 a year is a big hit. Seems like a better approach than fining the poor could be found.

As for the rest of the bill. Will rates go up? How about taxes? Can they drop you for pre-existing conditions? I have no idea. Do you?

My view: everyone needs to take a deep breath, then work on a health care plan that 1) is understandable and 2) provides real benefits.

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