SF Mayor on Mass. Senate race

Gavin Newsom gets it (mostly) about what’s happening in Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, he said he suspects on Tuesday “even Democrats are going to be voting quietly for a Republican…there’s no doubt about it. . .because (voters) are so angry,” he said. “They don’t like the backroom deals. They don’t feel that we’re paying attention to their needs, in terms of their jobs, and what’s going on at the grassroots, in their neighborhoods.”

This isn’t a perception problem on the part of voters. The Democratic Party most emphatically is not paying attention to people’s needs. Obama swept in with promises of great change and hope and instead it’s been bailouts for the rich and screw everyone else.

“Washington D.C. is completely disconnected. So is Sacramento. So I’m really fearful,” he said. “I see this thing tipping in the wrong direction” that could result in the loss of Congressional seats in the Central Valley.

It’s called populism, and there’s a storm of it coming

“This is real. At our own peril, we dismiss these tea parties as some sort of isolated extremism. It’s not,” Newsom said.

Emphasis added. This is the crucial point. Teabaggers don’t like big government, don’t trust the government, oppose the bailouts and don’t like the banksters. There’s plenty of common ground here between them and the left. But the left, liberals, and progressives need to get active in this. Now.

“It’s not a knock at Obama as much as it is our party,” he said.

Well, that’s silly. Of course it’s a knock at Obama too.

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