Leading edge of the coming populist storm. Brown upsets Coakley

I’m not saying Brown is a populist, not hardly. But the populist anger and rage that fueled his victory can no longer be denied as being real – and it’s spreading. Sorry Crooks and Liars, while you do a great job on many things, you are dead wrong about the Tea Partiers. They are not a tiny fringe manipulated by Republican operatives, but rather a genuine phenomenon. Their message is spreading too. Mistrust of the government. Mistrust of the banksters. The left needs to jump on board. Or be left behind.

Earth to Democratic Party

Mass. poll: Voters think Obama sides with the banks

That’s because he does. Always.

NBC Poll: Only 33% favor health bill

So why do they insist on trying to pass the current pork-laden pile of compromises?

Someone needs to get on the clue train.