The Pacifica Follies continue. Board debates seating jailed elected member, and more

WBAI, the NYC station of Pacifica is profiled mockingly in the NY Times. Their board just had a contentious meeting debating whether to seat newly elected member Lynne Stewart. She’s currently in prison. Some said the board should seat her, then relay info about meetings to her and wait months for the reply. Actually, I doubt that could make them any more dysfunctional.

Those opposing such a dimbulb move were branded as fascists. (Of course.) But wait, it gets even more ludicrous.

[Board chair Mitchel] Cohen also embraces 9/11 conspiracy theory, or the moderate wing of that movement, anyway. He draws a line at those who believe that the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers were holograms. “The 9/11 stuff was our fastest seller during the pledge drives,” he noted.

This while WBAI and Pacifica are deeply in debt and losing listeners at a startling and escalating rate.

Really folks, what is it with the far left now? Howling at the moon over lunacies during a worldwide financial crisis, it seems resolutely determined to be irrelevant.