It’s not just about Coakley’s inept campaign. The electorate is changing

Perhaps it is true that Martha Coakley has run a lousy campaign and Scott Brown has run a terrific campaign. Actually, that is true.

But, really, this is all about the voters, many of whom are clearly tired of being told what to think and who they should vote for, and are taking things into their own hands.

That’s what is changing, and it’s changing fast. The two-party system with its implied ‘vote for me because the other candidate is even worse’ shuck-and-jive is breaking down. Voters on all sides of the political spectrum increasingly reject such nonsense.

Traditional politicians have no idea how to deal with this, the leading edge of the coming populist storm.

But the real danger lurked elsewhere.

It was running as the candidate of the establishment with an electorate that suddenly seems to want anything else.

She may still win. But this race shouldn’t have been close.