Obama to banking industry: “We want our money back and we’re going to get it”. Really?

Fearless Obama on attack against the banksters

Has he forgotten that possession is nine-tenths of the law?

And that the federal government gave them the money in the first place?

While Uncle Sam is normally able to defeat such long odds, all bets are off with our “Speak moderately and carry no stick” President.

Makes you long for LBJ, Bill Clinton, or even Bush. At least they knew how to pick up a baseball bat and use it.

Of course, Obama isn’t weak or powerless at all. Giving the banks whatever they want is his chosen path. They are peas in a pod. A pretend $90 billion tax over ten years when the banks are paying themselves $47 in bonuses this year is simply faux populism with no teeth, a bone tossed to the masses. The banks continue to mark their garbage assets to fantasy so as to make pretend profits even as they plunder us and even AIG. While Obama does little of substance to stop them.