Massachusetts senate race called a toss up

I grew up in Connecticut, next door to Massachusetts. For the senate race to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat to be a toss-up in that stronghold of the Democratic Party is beyond bizarre. I think Coakley will win, but really, the race shouldn’t even be in contention. Something’s happening. A disillusioned Democratic base that expected big change and got little instead is probably a major reason why.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs acknowledged on Wednesday that progressive voters’ disinterest and unhappiness was threatening what traditionally should be a blowout Senate election victory for Democrats in Massachusetts.

It’s not just progressives who are unhappy.


  1. Following Katrina, The Corporation failed in driving out the undesirables and turning New Orleans into a WASP destination resort… All suggestions I’ve re. evacuation etc. revolve around ‘rebuilding’, an artificially induced bubble a la Shock Doctrine.

  2. Maybe people are starting to realize that it doesn’t matter which party you choose– they’re both corporate sellouts. I mean, did you ever think you’d hear Bob blog the words, “Makes you long for… Bush”???

    I wouldn’t go that far, myself, speaking of peas in a pod. Bush and Obama are just two corporatists with different styles. It should be clear by now that neither the Dems nor the GOP will give us anything different. Maybe a third party could do it, but I doubt they’d stay independent for long.

    It’s time to scrap the party system and start over.

    • Ok, I was doing that for effect. But contrast Obama with JFK

      “The leadership Kennedy demonstrated back in 1962 shamed the senior executives of the steel industry, leading them to rescind their unwarranted price increase. Afterwards, JFK is said to have remarked, “my father told me businessmen were SOBs. I didn’t believe him, until now.”

      In the past six months, President Obama has revealed his towering intellect, basic decency and sophisticated world view. However, we have yet to observe the toughness and passion required to take on the forces that drove the U.S. and global economy into a ditch. Except for periodic and overly-mild rebukes, we have witnessed excessive conciliation that is undeserved.”

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