The Mrs. Robinson of Ireland

“Now in glorious technicolor”, The Emergency’s tribute to Iris Robinson. (Lyrics by Carmody & Jones. Carmody & Jones vocals recorded Jan 11th 2010 at Beacon Studios by Noel Storey.)

Iris Robinson, the 60 year-old wife of Northern Ireland’s First Minister and a MP in her own right, has resigned from her post and her husband has at least temporarily stepped down from his. Why?

She got caught having an affair. With a 19 year old boy. After setting him up in business with a £50,000 loan (she kept £5,000.) She hit on him after his father’s funeral, who she may have had an affair with too.

Did I mention she is viciously homophobic and prone to piously condemn gays for sexual immorality?

So, naturally an internet campaign has started to make Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel number one in the charts.

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