Harsh winter in UK

The UK has been in the grip of the coldest winter for maybe 30 years. The lowest temperatures have been -22C but its been minus -8 regularly where I live in the South East and in London.

We Brits don’t do arctic weather and with global warming have got used to warm winters.

Salt and grit for roads have been running out, there have been concerns that Britain will run out of gas for heating too.

If the gulf stream moves with climate change, Britain will regularly get winds from Siberia and very harsh winters could become normal. Nobody really knows how climate change will effect our winters here.

Britain does need more energy independence or will be in trouble even without climate change. Everything is in danger of grinding to a halt. Even the Economist magazine is talking about peak oil becoming a reality.

Renewable energy and more resilient communities are necessary to survive the future without pain.

I have had to unfreeze my water pipes with a hair dryer, temperatures look likely to rise a little though over the next week.

Much of Europe is having an even harsher winter but we Brits are strangely obsessed with the weather.