Thousands of wind turbines coming to British seas while US lags far behind

Contrast this British plan to create one of the biggest wind projects ever against nine years of battles to put 130 turbines off Massachusetts.

By the peak years of building, the [British] plan will require about 2.5 of the 720-foot high turbines to be built a day to reach the goal of about 6,000 turbines in total.

“There is no understating the scale of the challenge of this scheme. It’s like building nearly a Chunnel a year for the next 10 years.”

Meanwhile, in the US, after nine years of squabbling over whether to build wind power off Massachusetts (something which has consistently been blocked by the Kennedy clan because, ick, they might have to see them way in the distance) Interior Secretary Salazar told both sides to reach an agreement by March 1 or he’ll decide for them.

Nine years. For 130 turbines. While the UK and Europe rapidly create huge amounts of new clean energy.

In April 2009 Sec. Salazar said “East Coast wind turbines, stationed offshore, can generate the same amount of electricity as 3,000 coal-fired power plants.” We have the technology, we have the wind, all that’s needed is the will to do it.

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  1. This is good news that the world is finally realizing that green is essential and clean. America is still wondering about everything. Wake up America. Create jobs and beat China

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