Gulf Stream moves to Greenland, Britain freezes

Photo: NASA/GSFC, MODIS Rapid Response. Click for full-sized

The Gulf Stream gives Britain a moderate climate. But it has moved and Britain is now experiencing extremely cold weather. Is this just a weird event or the result of climate change? No one knows yet.


  1. Actually, the whole thing is unfolding exactly along the lines the models I’ve been following for almost ten years now anticipate. Northeastern ‘America’, and Northwestern Europe, are about to become uninhabitable (recent studies have shown the previous ‘mini’ ice-age onset in less than ten years, one suggesting just one…).

    I’d cackle with glee, but among the myriad woes Cascadia will experience at the other end of that particular mechanical chain are those people moving here. Along with the Californians… you know, with less than a two year inventory of water on-hand…

    I’ve oft mentioned here the need to see beyond the windshield, to be prepared for what comes after. Climate migration has been in the news of late, but on a ‘grander’, more ‘romantic’ scale. China, Biafra, The Himalaya. Yet here are two local phenomenon directly attributable to global warming occurring right frickin’ now that receive no discussion outside of we few (conspiracy theorists) that actually study these things. This is an in-your-face crisis bigger than the damned bankers and nobody, nobody, is doing a danmed thing to address the problem.

    No Bob, what has happened, what is happening, along the North Atlantic coasts has been anticipated.

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