Is ‘Avatar’ an indictment of imperialism or just ‘Pocahontas’ redone?

While the plot was predictable, the effects were dazzling and the story itself was done in a mythic style. So it’s easy to read into it what you want.

Someone said that while the right sometimes seems ascendant in politics, the left long ago won the culture war. The right is furious at the movie while socialists marvel at Hollywood portraying imperialist thugs getting their asses kicked by indigenous tribes.

‘Up in the Air’, while a comedy, has bite. George Clooney plays a contract employee who travels constantly, living in planes, firing employees en masse because their actual bosses don’t have the guts to do it. He’s proudly rootless and unattached to anyone, primarily interested in amassing travel miles to get super elite status on airlines and in hotels. A parable for our times. Of course, complications occur…

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