Argentina president fires central bank head, order criminal charges filed

Ah, to see the day when various other Central Bankers see criminal charges filed against them for insubordination.

Bernanke, Geithner, and Paulson being frog-marched in manacles? Could happen.

Especially after today’s revelations about Geithner ordering AIG to ignore SEC regulations and keep secret that investment banks were repaid by the bankrupt AIG at 100% rather than the usual percentage in a bankruptcy, which would have been far less. This gave Goldman and other banks several billion dollars. Of taxpayer money.

Creditwritedowns has the smoking gun on Geithner and AIG

In then New York Fed president Tim Geithner’s own handwriting:

“Note that there should be no discussion or suggestion that AIG and the NY Fed are asking to structure anything else at this point.”

Time to practice frog-marching, Timmy Boy.

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