Somali tries to kill Danish cartoonist who did Mohammed cartoon

The cartoonist escaped by locking himself in a safe room inside his house then calling police who shot the axe-wielding attacker. I’m guessing most Danes don’t have safe rooms, so he must have previously received numerous death threats.

Craig Murray is eloquent: Attack on cartoonist is indefensible

It is not pleasant to be deliberately offensive to anybody’s religious views. But the radical Christian right in the USA, and the whole history of the abuse of religous authority in all religions, shows why it is essential to maintain freedom of speech on religious subjects. So the cartoons about Mohammed should not be censored; the same is true of the films “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Life of Brian”. Muslim friends of mine who are outraged at the Danish cartoons, do not hesitate to make fun of Hindus and their perceived veneration of cows.

The values of free speech are crucial. To those who say there is no freedom to offend, I would say that is why they persecuted Gallileo,Copernicus – and Ulugbek. The freedom to offend is essential to human progress.