Is TSA incompetent?

We here at TSA wish to assure the public that we have matters totally and well in hand

Oh, TSA can get all macho and jackbooted when trying to intimidate bloggers who published a memo they’d already distributed to thousands of employees (and which wasn’t secret), but when it comes to, y’know, stopping bombers from boarding, they have no apparent solution – or any coherent explanation for their recent failure. Really TSA, you need to stop all the pompous jackass strutting and just make the airlines safe to ride in. Is that too much to ask?

From those crazed radicals at Business Insider

Until we read about this bizarre behavior, we were willing to believe the government’s assertion that the tips it got about the Christmas bomber only look meaningful in hindsight. Now that we have seen firsthand some of the decisions being made within the TSA, however, we’re more inclined to believe that the cause of this near-tragedy was incompetence.

The threatening of bloggers, meanwhile, is a disgrace.