Populism and corporatism. Politics in the Zeroes in 2010

Happy New Year!

This year Polizeros will focus on coming tsunami of populism as well as its target, corporatism. Forget left vs. right. The real conflict is becoming obvious; people vs. corporations. The current politics in DC consistently and abjectly favor corporations over the people. That can and must change. And I have no doubt that it will change. In 2010 too.

It is essential the Left gets off its ass, embraces populism, then dives into the fray and influences the process. If it doesn’t, it will ceded the populism to the right.

Infectious Greed quotes hedge fund manager Doug Kass, a guy who often thinks outside the box. Like his compatriot Jim Cramer at The Street.com, he sees the tidal wave coming, and aimed straight at Wall Street.

Yo, What Doug Kass said: a tidal wave of populism

As I underscored on “Squawk Box,” there is an angry subtext — the average American resents some of our largest institutions (especially of a financial kind), our politicians (Republicans and Democrats alike) and the wealthy.

The financial elites completely understand what’s happening. Populism is red, white, and blue American too. Everyone here understands it. No need to try to explain socialism or get caught in endless leftie arguments. Instead, just talk about the shrinking middle class and people losing homes, pensions and jobs as banksters make billions.

I came of age in the 60’s and watched and participated in that era’s protests. First we were ignored, then mocked, then the tsunami hit and protest engulfed the country. That’s what I see coming now. However this time it’s coming from all over the political spectrum (not just the left), moving in from the edges to the mainstream.

That will be the story for 2010. Polizeros will be watching and participating in it.

What would you like to see here in 2010?

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