Far left train wreck continues in Britain

Mac Uaid details the ongoing SWP internal war that is mangling the far left in Britain at a time when it is already facing huge problems, concluding with:

The left in Britain – even more than elsewhere – seems completely at a loss in the face of the massive economic crisis that has hit Western and especially Anglo-Saxon capitalism. This is obviously combining with a gigantic world environmental crisis, so that the issue is not now stopping climate change, but limiting it and deciding who will pay the cost of adaption. In this situation the right, and even the far right, has the initiative, especially at the electoral level.

The inability of the left in the US to mount anything like a coherent response to the economic crisis is also bizarre and troubling. Such inaction is ceding the momentum to the right.

Britain faces the biggest attack on working class living standards, the welfare state and democratic rights since the 1970s. To try to respond to that with a few more paper sales and a few more recruits is idiotic.

Do you want to build a mass organization that genuinely works for change or do you want to use such an organization to build the party? You can’t do both because such goals are contradictory. That is the dilemma.

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