Senior government officials in Mexico and US say, legalize marijuana

Why? Because the drug cartels are destroying Mexico and the drug wars are “not winnable.” Marijuana accounts for half their income. Legalize it and you weaken them badly.

However, attempts at legalization will be meant with furious protests by entrenched interests, like some law enforcement and most especially the prison-industrial complex. They have huge vested interests in maintaining the status quo.

So do corrupt banks cops, legislators, and judges, businesses that launder money, and US banks and hedge funds who handle and invest the money. They are the ones who will try the hardest to block legalization. Quietly and behind the scenes, of course.

There is no sane reason to not legalize marijuana

Or, in an utterly cynical and slimy move, Caribbean countries may become collateral damage

Some Mexican officials say privately that the U.S. should seriously consider allowing cocaine to pass more easily through the Caribbean again in order to squeeze Mexican gangs. “Would you rather destabilize small countries in the Caribbean or Mexico, which shares a 2,000-mile border with the U.S., is your third-biggest trading partner and has 100 million people?” one official said.

This makes no sense. The Mexican cartels would simply ship through the Caribbean then. How would this hurt them?

The horrendous, escalating violence in Mexico will spill across the border unless we do something about it now. Force won’t stop the cartels. Legalization will.