Allen Stanford is nearing a nervous breakdown, says psychiatrist

Unlike Bernie Madoff and Marc Dreier who stayed freed on bail while awaiting trial, financier Allen Stanford has confined to the general prison population, denied access to the internet, and has limited phone access. He has lost 40 pounds, was assaulted so severely that he lost feeling on the right side of his face and can’t read from his right eye. Plus they put him in solitary for two months “for his own protection.”

A psychiatrist says he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown, has several serious medical ailments, and under his current conditions can not properly prepare for trial.

They are asking the judge to free him on bail, something is only seems reasonable. Instead of trying to deliberately destroy him, which certainly seems like what is happening.

It’s been rumored Stanford was laundering drug money and had past investigations into him derailed by DEA because he was an informant. If any of that is true, then things get deeply murky and treacherous with all sorts of hidden cross-currents and agendas.

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