Copenhagen failure was primarily fault of US and Obama

Then comes the United States Senate, which has ignored climate change for 15 consecutive years since ratifying the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Finally, there is Obama, who effectively abandoned a systematic course of action under the UN framework, because it was proving nettlesome to US power and domestic politics.

Worse, Obama’s machinations made it quite clear to the poor countries that they were deliberately sandbagged and that the rich countries, specifically the US, will no longer listen to their “pesky” concerns.

This is a disaster for the world, for the US, and for stopping climate change. Obama could have made an issue about climate change. But he made no strong public statements about the need for change and instead privately destroyed any possibility of an agreement. Apparently the only time he fights for something is when it is defending or advancing corporate interests. His track record on this is clear; bankers, insurance companies, and corporate polluters all have Obama running interference for them – the financial and physical health of the populace and world be damned.

Naomi Klein: For Obama, No opportunity too big to blow

He’s starting to look like a Jimmy-Carter-type Epic Fail, isn’t he?