Allen Stanford. They’re trying to break him. Why?

Allen Stanford when first arrested
Allen Stanford after several months in prison (Reuters photo)

Look, I have little sympathy for Allen Stanford and think he’s no doubt guilty of a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme. But while Bernie Madoff stayed in a penthouse awaiting trial, Stanford has been put into the general prison population, got mauled in a fight, looks much worse, his health is suffering, and his family is not allowed to visit.

This harsh treatment seems both unusual and quite deliberate. I wonder why they’re doing it.


  1. because he refuses to tell them where the bodies are buried. One Billion remains unaccounted for and therefore suspicions are it remains hidden with only Stanford knowing. The complex byzantine nature of his fraud makes Madoff’s appear as child play. Another darker thought, Stanford succeeded in his fraud due to lots of important, powerful people turning a blind eye at the higher levels of government and agencies. There may not be many of those people who would want him to talk to ANY ONE.

    • This is a disgraceful abuse of Power, my theory is they want him to lose his mind or die in prison so that he cannpt defend himself. Then again if there is not sufficient evidence to convict many high ranking offeicials will look incompetent or worse sadistic bastards

      • Some believe Stanford was laundering drug money and that the DEA ran interference for him at least a few times in the past because he was informing.

        If that be true, then there are wheels within wheels here. Byzantine indeed.

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