Leader of developing nations at Copenhagen compares deal to Holocaust

My message to the President: What the world needs is a just and equitable deal. What the world needs is a transparent, democratic, participatory process for concluding a deal. What the world needs is a sense of solidarity and a commitment to help those who need to be saved, as we speak today.”
— Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping of Sudan, chairman of the G-77 group of developing countries at Copenhagen.

He also, in an incendiary move, compared it to the Holocaust.

“It is asking Africa to sign a suicide pact, an incineration pact in order to maintain the economic dependence of a few countries,” said Lumumba Stanislas Dia-ping of Sudan, chairing the Group of 77 and China bloc of 130 poor nations.

“It’s a solution based on values that funneled six million people in Europe into furnaces.”

Yes, people will die, probably lots of them, due to the US and Europe destroying chance of agreement on climate change.


  1. Shocking that a guy who works for an indicted war criminal would say that white Europeans are trying to have make an African holocaust. Shocking, I tell you! I wonder what parts of the plan he believes are controlled by the Jews. I’m totally positive he’s credible and telling the truth.

    • Island nations like Tuvalu, who find their land disappearing due to rising oceans, might see it differently. Copenhagen could have accomplished a huge amount. Woulda, coulda, shoulda…

      • It’s non-binding nonsense, so everyone gets what they want. China and the US can come home looking victorious, and even despotic regimes like Sudan can claim they’re victims of the mean old Europeans. What more could you ask for? Oh, except for actual substantive change…

  2. The U.S. WAS victorious. Obama played this brilliantly– if his goal was to force the rest of the world to deal with global warming while we continue with business as usual. Based on his proposals last week, that was exactly his goal: the U.S. would commit to a 4% reduction, while the EU would commit to a 20% reduction (and was speculated to be prepared to agree to a reduction as great as 30%– the UK would go as high as 42%). Oh, and we’d kick in a few dollars for “mitigation,” far cheaper than retooling our economy.

    I did the math: if the U.S. made a 4% reduction, that would put us at about 17 tons per person. The rest of the world would have to average 1.6 tons per person in order to keep emissions within the “safe” range– that includes both industrialized and nonindustrialized countries. In other words, Obama told the world that we Americans deserve to emit ten times more than anyone else, and we don’t give a damn who dies as a result.

    Holocaust? I shy away from that word because it’s so rarely accurate– but in this case I think it’s apt. Obama stood up in front of everyone and said FTW, and Africa and the island nations can die for our decadent pleasure.

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