Obama the conservative

Our current wars, while perhaps they might need to be fought now, were preventable, argues Asymptotic Life.

Similarly, if the brutality of Al Queda perhaps cannot be countered with nonviolence (and I am not completely convinced of this), it nevertheless could have been prevented. While we were playing chess against the Soviets with pawns in the Middle East, people there grew resentful. While we were squeezing oil from their sands and supporting favorable dicatatorships that left their people in poverty, they grew mistrustful. When we overthrew their democracies in order to increase our profits, they came to see us as the enemy.

Obama’s Nobel Prize speech seems just more of the same American exceptionalism that continues to blunder mindlessly into war – and could have been delivered by George Bush.

One genuinely upsetting thing here is that many liberals and progressive appear to be sort of ok with this. So, I guess the Iraq antiwar protests of recent years were much more about opposing George Bush than opposing the wars. Apparently war is ok as long as your side favors it.