Fuel cells for home use at grid parity in 3-5 years

Bloom Energy, who is backed by venture capital heavyweight Kleiner Perkins, plans home fuel cell systems that will generate electricity at grid parity prices within a few years

Grid parity is the point at which renewable electricity is equal to or cheaper than grid power

This could be a seriously big deal.

[Early test systems] deliver enough power at twice the efficiency of a standard gas-burning boiler system, with 60 percent fewer emissions, for a 5,000-square-foot home.

eBay and Google are already testing them.

The contrast between the venture capitalists who have invested $250 million into Bloom over eight years while patiently growing the company and Wall Street bankster parasites who wrecked our economy is striking. The venture capitalists are trying to build a new energy economy while the banksters care primarily about short-term profit and create nothing of value.

Imagine fuel cells creating power in your home at reasonable prices from natural gas or ethanol (hydrogen too, of course.) Living off the grid would become much simpler, as would, say, setting up a hospital in a disaster area when the power grid is down or non-existent.

Could happen.

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