CDC damage control: CFS research group relieved of duties

In a stunning move, responsibility for XMRV research has been taken away from the ME/CFS working group within the CDC, and re-assigned to the division of HIV/AIDS prevention. This group will be in charge of replicating findings of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, rather than the group under the control of Dr. Reeves. The move is highly significant: it appears that the CDC is now acknowledging the serious nature of XMRV.

A welcome change indeed from their previous loathsome attacks on fibromyalgia and CFS as being a psychological “yuppie flu” rather than a real disease. Some believe this was done so insurance companies wouldn’t have to pay claims.

The evidence is strong that these illnesses are caused by a virus. Yet CDC slimed researchers who demonstrated a possible link over a decade ago. Which is beyond contemptible.