CDC damage control: CFS research group relieved of duties

In a stunning move, responsibility for XMRV research has been taken away from the ME/CFS working group within the CDC, and re-assigned to the division of HIV/AIDS prevention. This group will be in charge of replicating findings of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute, rather than the group under the control of Dr. Reeves. The move is highly significant: it appears that the CDC is now acknowledging the serious nature of XMRV.

A welcome change indeed from their previous loathsome attacks on fibromyalgia and CFS as being a psychological “yuppie flu” rather than a real disease. Some believe this was done so insurance companies wouldn’t have to pay claims.

The evidence is strong that these illnesses are caused by a virus. Yet CDC slimed researchers who demonstrated a possible link over a decade ago. Which is beyond contemptible.


  1. So now they’re moving said group to do HIV/AIDS research? Not sure that’s a good thing. If they’re not good, can them, don’t re-assign them to something that could be fatal if they screw it up.

  2. This is bogus “information”. The ME/CFS “working group” has not lost anything. Nothing has been “moved”. They never had it, since they decided decades ago that CFS is a psychiatric condition. Research regarding the discovery of XMRV, a retrovirus implicated in CFIDS, prostate cancer, blood transfusions and a host of other illnesses has been assigned to the logical department – one that has experience and expertise with viruses and retroviruses. Dr Reeves and his cronies still have the money and the power to conduct bogus studies, using a bogus definition of CFS/CFIDS/ME to include just about anyone (we now call this “Reeves Disease”), so of course they will not find anything useful to those suffering from this illness. While real science contintues to pile up the evidence of a physical cause for these illnesses, Reeves and his good ‘ole boys in Atlanta continue to push the idea it is mental. His latest effort is to show that childhood sexual abuse is responsible for: damaged immune systems, MRIs and other brain scans that show abnormalities similar to Alzhiemer’s and AIDS, absence or near absence of NK cells and abnormalities in T and B cells and a host of other physical, verifiable symptoms of infection by virus and/or bacteria, and pain so bad that people sometimes kill themselves to get relief. Reeves and his team are still in place, collecting their salaries paid by taxpayers, and working hard to support the drug companies that sell antidepressants and the insurance companies that don’t want to pay out for long term disability. Reeves has already tried to put down the research on XMRV, saying he doesn’t think it will be replicated, ignoring the fact that the National Cancer Institute took part in the research that resulted in the paper published by Science that showed some kind of connection of XMRV to CFS. The CDC was successful around 1991 in sabotaging the research of Dr. deFrietas showing the retroviral connection, and they haven’t given up yet in trying to divert attention away from the real science regarding this illness.

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